Pre-Release Beta Badge?

So the topic of people getting special badges as a thank you to being in beta after release date has been discussed very extensively on these forums. There’s even been discussion about verification. Will People IN Beta Get Verified During Beta? What hasn’t been discussed anywhere is the fact that the beta is “always on” from this point out. Will there be a beta version of Byte after release date? Because if there is, I’m under the implication that the in-app Beta Badge indicator could be given to those people.

I’m all for keeping people included, but I feel strongly there needs to be a badge or indication for pre-release beta testers only. Over time when I’m following more people, I don’t just want to be able to see all “beta testers” if millions of people can get it. I want to be able to see the people I’ve met at the beginning, and that have been supporting me for that long. Will the badge be pre-release beta participants?

I’ve read every post regarding this topic, and feel this information is lacking, so that is the reason I’m opening another post. However, if you can answer my question from the information in the others, please feel free too. :slight_smile:


only testers in the invite-only beta (e.g. this one) will receive the badge. that includes anyone who comes in through the friend invite codes that we’re planning on sending to the current testers.

whenever we send the tweet that is like “hey the app is out” or “hey the beta is open to anyone and everyone” and you can go get it in the app store or wherever, that’s the cut off point


Thank you very much Dom. :slightly_smiling_face: I appreciate your time and hard work