Pre-beta version

I’m a beta tester for android and this update has left my app so screwed, is anyone aware of a way to install a non beta version of the app on android?

Edit: preferably without losing my beta tester spot.


To get a non beta version of the app for android, I believe you can get the Byte app from the Google Play store

That’s where the beta versions are anyway. It’s the only option to download I think

Nevermind, pretty sure the above will make you lose your beta tester spot

Yeah I’d have to unenroll to do it i think :frowning:

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You could log into another google account, uninstall-reinstall the non-beta version, set apps to not auto update and then log back into your beta connected email?

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Oh didn’t know that. For IOS we need to get it from TestFlight

This sounds like a possible solution, I’ll have a go. Cheers

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There’s a “Leave Program” button in the bottom right-hand corner

You can leave the testing program at any time. You can switch to the public version of the app if that’s available.

I managed to find a way inspired by this. I had to further remove the beta linked account from my phone. Alas, I still have the same issues :man_shrugging:

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