Prank Motto: “Confuse, Don’t Abuse.”

When pulling a prank, on or off-camera, please be sure to make it innocent and not cause any physical or mental harm. (Don’t be like Sam Pepper ;););))

Take your little brother’s toys out and arrange them in a perfect circle in the middle of his room, whisper “I love you” in someone’s ear while they’re sleeping, leave tiny plastic men on every table corner, make a phone vibrate noise with your mouth in public to see how many people look at their phones, dumb stuff like that!

Confuse your target! Don’t abuse them!



I got you but maybe if you pulling pranks on friends it could be funny yet nice.


I laughed at the examples :joy: that’s my type of prank tbh.

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Emmmmm, sorry i dont understand you, Are you telling that for make a good prank we have to make it safe, right? Like dont hurt anyone or dont leave little kids alone?

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I agree!!! I always get so uncomfortable and upset when I see pranks that exessively hurt, embarrass, or otherwise abuse somebody or something. Like there’s a way to be funny without putting other people down!


I hate pranks when they are aimed at stranger’s, it’s not so bad when it’s among friends or family

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As long as no one gets seriously injured by your prank, you should be fine! Like the “smack cam” yeah people get hit in the face, but they don’t get injured by it :slight_smile:

This is a perfect example on the rules of pranking and how it should be. I just wished everyone followed these rules.

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Yeah, i think the same and said with different words, I dont watch that prank, is it in YouTube?

Smack cam was a v*ne thing :joy::joy::joy: