Potential Advertiser Interface and Analytics

Potential V2 Advertiser Interface and Analytics

I know there are a few threads already discussing V2 monetization, where advertisements will appear, how creators and V2 will be compensated, etc. The “front end” of V2 advertising if you will. I want to make it clear that this thread is not purposefully trying to overlap with those topics.

However, I want to discuss the potential “back end” of V2 advertising, analytics and monetization. AKA the potential section of V2 for advertisers to purchase ad placements and connect with creators. I’m sure those features are already being heavily considered and adapted by @dom and team, but as a marketing/PR person by day and a huge v*ne fan (may it rest in peace) by night I hope there will be an effort to provide the companies advertising on V2 with exposure and metrics that will keep them buying placements, and consequently sustain and keep the V2 lights on. :slight_smile:

Please know I have no desire to make V2 a paid content cesspool, or a “pay to play” place for organic creators. V2 is meant for sharing creator talents and for building a community, not for its users to be spammed into abandonment by advertising. The goal is to make advertising on V2 an effective value add for businesses, and a non-obtrusive presence for viewers.

All of my following ideas go with the assumption that advertisers will be allowed to be on V2 in some way, shape or form in the first place. Below is a wish list/a few suggestions for future implementation beyond the beta, and perhaps included in future V2 updates.

Ad Types
Advertisers will always want to have different options when it comes to the type of creative they want to put ad spend behind. These aren’t new ad types, but they are potential suggestions that potentially overlap in the overall discussion of V2 monetization.

  • V2 Affiliate Marketplace
    Typically, affiliates get a commission if someone clicks on a link and purchases the product or completes a desired action. Advertisers are happy if the affiliate’s influence led to a sale, and they are even happier knowing they can directly attribute the sale to a particular affiliate. Perhaps advertisers should only be able to post “V2 Wrapped” links? V2 could charge a premium for cost per click, and businesses could contribute extra for conversions.

  • Banners
    Consider allowing static banners, perhaps in between X number of V2 videos on a users timeline, or a creator’s profile. If static banners are allowed on a Creator’s profile, they should be able to pick and choose the type of advertisements that appear, and the length and time a banner appears. V2/Creators could split a small sum charged per day, and additionally give advertisers a choice between cost per click or cost per impression.

  • Videos
    Allow advertisers to put videos between X number of videos in a user’s timeline.

  • Creator Sponsorship
    The only way for creators to earn sponsorship should be through a V2 sponsorship marketplace. Creators can only be sponsored after X number of video loops and/or follows. In the sponsorship marketplace advertisers should be able to search, filter by audience and user interests to find the influencers that would be best for their markets. Any advertiser/sponsor’s links should be “V2 wrapped” and any sponsored videos need to be labelled with who’s sponsoring a particular video. V2 could charge a one time fee that gets split with the creator, a cost per impression, or a cost per click. Users that go outside of the sponsorship marketplace should likely be banned. I’m not necessarily sure how this will be policed.

  • Interactive Ads
    Hulu has/or used to have ads that you could either sit through for a minute, or an interactive ad that you could click through in a few seconds to skip to regular content. This might be a bit more intrusive to V2 users, but I always thought it was a creative way to get users to interact with an ad.

Ad Targeting
There is no social media platform out there that isn’t collecting data on their users. If you are using user data to target advertisements, I’d love to see the ability to target by the following.

  • Average Number of Creator Loops (I want to advertise with creators that average 10,000 loops on their content)

  • Target Users That Follow Creators Like… (Use creator handles to target users that have a particular creator preference)

  • Target users that like X content types (humor, cooking, diy, dancing etc.)

  • Geographic/Location Targeting

Every advertiser wants to know what their efforts are doing. The more metrics V2 can provide to advertisers to show value, the more they will spend for results. Here’s a beginning list of selected metrics to potentially include.

Click through rate
Conversion rate
Cost per click
Cost per impression
Engagements (Total number of likes, shares, comments)
Average loops per user (ie. if your ad is seen by users an average of twice during the time the ad is live)

Tech Specs

  • The advertising control panel must be accessible from a browser. Selecting targeting, uploading creative and purchasing advertising via a mobile would be incredibly frustrating.

  • A pixel to retarget users and track conversions.

  • Connect to other site analytics products (Google Analytics, Adobe etc.)

  • An analytics dashboard, with the ability to export analytics results to Excel/CSV/PDF.

*I don’t want to have to set up a regular V2 account to be able to advertise on V2. However, if a business decides to start posting content to a V2 account, you should be able to connect the two.

  • User privacy, terms and conditions should be simple to understand, and users should have the ability to limit the criteria and data collected on them.

Again, these are just some suggestions. Again, I don’t want to make V2 a paid content cesspool, or a “pay to play” place for organic creators. Just looking to make V2 a sustainable community.


Great post!!

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I think this would really make the platform grow and make it more creator friendly.

Nice post. I do think that the best way for advertising without making it seem spammy would be with videos, like instagram does. Everyone just scrolls past the ad, and if they find it interesting they’ll watch it. I was thinking that maybe ad videos instead of being 6 seconds they could be 12 seconds? Or longer?

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this is pretty amazing! also, i agree with @Tyrellv2, but how can we stop regular people from trying to post longer videos? will it be encouraged because of ads?

Won’t it still be a short format though? Like the old vine where it was locked at 6 sec. @arf

No as in, advertisers can post their ads on a creators profile, but those ads will be able to be longer than 6 seconds long. The creators videos can’t be any longer than 6.


Hmmm interesting topic and I believe to be a good start of an idea!

Great ideas but could you imagine seeing an add after watching 10 6sec… the ad most likely wouldn’t fit in a 6 second range, and I not gonna watch an ad for longer than 5 seconds, I think it would be hard to fit it in.

But granted there are a lot of random/new advertisers coming, not just big brands like Coca-Cola or something, it’ll be hard to try and give many advertisers their ad-time, without normal people trying to snag some extra time aw well