Posting with channel vs. Not

Has anyone noticed a difference when posing in a channel Vs not posting in a channel?

What are some of the benefits / limitations of posting in a channel vs. not categorizing your vid?


I’m not sure how to comment on that. The only thing in mind is just pure luck to get noticed. But why should we complain?

Odds are more people will see your video if its in a category, unless you have a decent/loyal following or someone you follow rebytes it.


Depends on how many follows you (but followers doesn’t matter) and there are multiple ways your content can get seen (e.g. Latest, New & Trending, Your Mix, etc)


I think you wanna post in channels and use hashtags much as you can. Gives you more exposure and the opportunity to go viral if your content is really good. Not posting in a channel I assume will only limit you to your followers. Even then, followers aren’t on Byte that often, so I assume about a 3rd of them will see it.

If you don’t post into a category / channel, your byte will only be seen by your following unless it ends up being rebyted. I can’t really see a reason not to use the categories / channels if you have them available to you. It’s a built-in way to get your content out to a wider audience.


It will go out to followers AND pushed into random people’s your mix.


A channel post will help the algorithm now what content is in the post, it will recommend it to people who useally like content from that category.

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Is it possible to choose a channel after successfully uploading a byte without choosing a channel on the first go?

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Once it’s uploaded, you can’t change the caption or channel.

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