Post Scheduling

An idea for V2; post scheduling, like on Youtube.

Then creators can post specific content (e.g.: holiday related, sponsored posts, recurring segments) at a specific time without having to actually post it right at that time.


OOOOOO I have no idea but I love the idea. So I’m gonna comment so I can see more peoples replies.

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Scheduling would be hella convenient, especially for content around things like holidays as you say.

If not, and this is just an alternative for the sake of alternatives, the ability to make the vine and then save it to its own folder in the camera roll on your phone, ready to upload when the time comes (although this does require more action on the artitsts end)

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Actually yea, scheduling would be pretty helpful. Save up some Vines for when you are not able to create them for some reason.


It would deffo be useful for artists on the V2 platform. Would make organisation much easier.

Would be super convenient, I’ve already filmed like 10 vines in my camera roll and I’m planning on having 65 stored for the 1st day so it would be sick

Yoo thats pretty nice, bumpin this

Sounds super convenient. Love this idea!

Ok now that you said it, we need it.

I always thought this about Vine because I posted every day and I would have loved to schedule posts instead of having to figure out a point I could post

Yes! Love this! I would like to see a feature like this. Especially if you can schedule a post from the camera roll.

Oh my goodness yes! When I’m posting on Tumblr I just schedule it! This would be perfect!!!

very helpful – seems like a good idea for v2

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I love this idea!!! I hope @dom will see this!!!

We should have a personal draft, so we can make and store all our videos and upload whenever we want. @dom

Hey there. This was the top topic for “post scheduling”. I wanted to bump it because I am also interested in creating content, and providing consistent content on the platform. Given the state the world is in right now, and b/c we’ve all got some kind of hectic schedule, this would free up time for content creators.



I would really enjoy this. Could be part of the whole draft process. I am bad with consistency and my creativity is very spontaneous. I need structure.

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This would be amazing


Agreed. Sometimes I make multiple videos in a day when I’m feeling creative. Others 0. It would be nice to so this.

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Same. And then I’m impatient so I post them all and burn out and have nothing for days or longer.

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