Post random Quotes from this forum (aka Cursed replies)!

Cursed Byte Community Forums Quotes
Random replies taken and collected for fun.

Disclaimer: I don’t expect anything huge from this, but why not have fun whilst we’re at it? This is not connected to Byte in any way and there’s no prize

Rules: :policeman: :policewoman: :police_car:

  • :ellipsis: Must be quoted in the reply.
  • :repeat: Must not repeat (at least try). :negative_squared_cross_mark:
  • :exclamation: Must be from here (Byte community forums).
  • :crazy_face: Preferred random, without any significance or meaning quotes.
  • :seedling: Preferred quotes took out of context (so they can be cursed. :ghost:)
  • :lock_with_ink_pen: If the author of a reply included a “Don’t take that out of context” or “Don’t quote me” or something like those in his reply then please do not be a meanie and quote them :wink:

Important Notes: :spiral_notepad:

  • Do not reply immediately after your own reply. Give others a chance to participate. :smile:
  • Make sure to pick good out-of-context quotes. Any are acceptable, but the funnier the better. :laughing:
  • Don’t forget to press that heart icon on the quotes you love the most! :heart:
  • At the end, after a deadline (there is none, but I will close if this dies and no one replies), I will try to make a bunch of polls for the most liked quotes to make a fake “Top Cursed Reply” (2 months) :crown:
  • Don’t take this seriously. It’s a fun challenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh. I’ll start it off I guess? :sweat_smile:

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Are you trying to kill yourself -shonzi

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