Post our own sounds

Seems to be a overall consensus amongst new users (obviously)

My personal opinion is idc really add all the features you can lol but I obviously see copy righted stuff because a problem but we could just report it right?

How do you feel about it?


As long as there are people still making original content and being creative with the sounds, it’s all good :ok_hand:.


You see what will happen is trends will appear using the same audios so we can see many variations of the same premise i personally think it’s fine as long as is not straight up copy past I’m good with it

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I feel like as soon as sounds are added, all the people looking for “alt tiktok” and even regular tiktok are gonna really take over. THAT’S the stuff that’s gonna start trending and getting popular because there are so many of them. I’m afraid once you add sounds, it becomes tiktok


I mean it’s something they’ll enjoy and may actually stay because of it I definitely think we shouldn’t give them everything but we need to be flexible or we’ll just be where we’re were before :pensive:

Honestly since Twitch started getting bombarded with DMCAs, I wondered how long it would take for the labels to target other platforms for using copyrighted music. TikTok would be obliterated

This. If we incorporate sounds, you can kiss “Creativity” goodbye. I see where you come from with the “might get them to stay”, but what’s the point of people staying if we loose everything the app is in the process? I’d rather have an empty Byte with content I enjoy than a popular Tiktok 2.0 with content I don’t care about at all


Exactly!! We were happy before the flood and we’ll be happy with new people who choose to stay or don’t. The wave of new users will definitely help the app gain popularity but this big wave probably won’t last too long. My guess is most people who absolutely hate this for not being tiktok will leave and the people that are interested in Byte will stay. The community won’t be as big as it is right now but it’ll be bigger than it was last week with still creative content. I just hope the staff holds out and doesn’t bend everything for the tiktokers

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should we be able to import our own songs? but don’t let anyone be able to reuse the audio directly from the app?

Welp. This has already been decided.

Remember the times when features got posted here in advance to get feedback? Those were good times.