Post got flagged

Y’all flagged my post for saying the b word. Thanks😂

Sorry, I’m just really jacked about v2😂


Aha welcome to the club where your post gets flagged! :joy:


3 of my posts got flagged😂

One of them I was ok with though😂

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Rip lol, don’t worry if your post gets flagged, doesn’t matter in the long run :slight_smile:

in a way you made this rather dark and depressing

Lol my post got flagged too but I guess its because experts want the forum to be welcolming and professional

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Personally, I don’t mind it that much, but it is inappropriate.

One of my old posts got flagged for pretty much nothing. Join us! :joy:

lol who did this



it think the people who flagged the “gonna make” post thought it was more about being arrogant than actually using the word. i’ve seen one or 2 users on here who curse a lot!

Can’t have a post flagged, if you never make one… just kidding I did that for a while but I had to post because I had questions… I don’t think you’ll get flagged for cussing, though I haven’t done it yet… but maybe