Possible to edit previously posted Byte?

I’d like to be able to edit the category of a selected Byte, possibly edit the music/sound, or even change the specific loop originally chosen (when Byte is longer than 6 seconds). Any information available about this?


They should add this along with the ability to edit captions


I think it could easily be abused. I don’t think it’d be great to have people’s likes on content that can easily change to a different message. I think a better option is carefully choosing the first time around. There’s no rush when posting so it shouldn’t be much trouble.


That’s futuristic and that’s probably long term goals…

Unfortunately once it’s posted, it’s posted. You could re-upload though.


I never thought about that…thanks for your quick response!

True… I was thinking more about having posted to the wrong category, or misspelling a word ( my smarty pants phone likes to change words on me when I’m not looking…) lol!

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I’ve been wanting for an edit feature to the captions since Byte started lol. In fact it was the only reason why I signed up for the forums, so I could request that to be implemented.

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in regards to categorization- a few years back, instagram was rumored to penalize posts algorithmically when you edited your hashtags or caption after posting. If it’s true, it’s to prevent hashtag [categorization] abuse/ double dipping efforts. I feel like the byte team wouldn’t allow categorization changes for similar reasons.


Well, let’s see how it pans out…:blush:

I guess those posts I made prior to the category being created will just have to stay in place…:open_mouth:

Yeah, editing captions is one of my most wanted features.

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