Possible Comments disappearing?

I posted a vid and it got two comments from people I’m well familiar with on the platform. I attempted to reply to one of the comments and observed that they both disappeared. I recognize that both people might have deleted their comment, but it seemed odd that they would both do so in the same moment. I double checked to make sure it wasn’t limited to just the iOS app, but they are gone when I view the vid from the website too. Am I hallucinating?


I notice that comments disappear from my bytes when i block them, usually because its annoying ass “FOLLOW4FOLLOW???” comments (which have thankfully decreased as some of the bots got banned), but the comments section still says “x comments”. maybe the people either deleted their own comments, or OP blocked them?

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Same, but I think accounts got deleted/banned for using bot function

also a definite possibility!

Q for OP, what type of comments were they that you were trying to respond to? if theyre any variation of “follow me” spam its mostly likely that they were either blocked, deleted, or banned, but if they were just normal comments i guess it would depend on whether they had spam/bot activity elsewhere

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It was follow & like type comment, I’m pretty sure accounts got terminated.

Coming from bots

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