Positivity: Congrats & Thanks!

Hello! I visit the Byte Forums a lot. I read a lot of the topics users post and I tend to read comments attached to said post. [like a weirdo] I love seeing all the input from creators and viewers and it warm my heart that so many of you are having a ton of fun! There are so many topics I would love to contribute to but… I can never think of anything to say. I have never seen a community like this one before and I hope it will stay positive for a very long time. Recently, I started school! I knew deep down in my soul that I needed to do something to help me be more marketable. I have not slept for a few days due to schoolwork! :smiley: Wish me luck! I also got on “Spotlight” for the very first time! That was really cool, thanks so much for that! It really makes me glad to know there are people who enjoy what I make! Thank you so much! [Partner Program] I would like to Congratulate all of the creators who got in! With all that is happening in the world right now, I personally am happy to know that there are still ways to make ends meat! [rambles some more] I am so happy for you though! Your content is phenomenal and I think this will greatly grow the user base and birth new creators! Please keep sharing the Byte App with your friends! <3
Okay it’s late and I have to take another test! See ya!

p.s. I promise I read all comments , I just…I really can’t think of anything to say and for me 'Thanks"/“Thank you!” is not enough. I appreciate every positive comment on my post! I cannot express my gratitude like I want with the small character count!


Congratulations Queen, :handshake::woozy_face:




Congrats with school and good luck! I’m currently finishing my last few weeks of college and have a lot of schoolwork too😅 and good job for getting on Spotlight! and also thanks for the congrats on the PP🥰


Congrats on starting school! Hope you enjoy yourself and not get too stressed with the workload. And congrats on getting Spotlight, that’s always fun.

By the way, love the Boom Sonic icon lol

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