Portrait mode design

As far as I seen from the videos, the whole app design is based on portrait mode videos. I think portrait mode is nice but when it takes the whole screen, it kinda limits the abilities of the app. I mean, in the app design, to not the limit the area of the videos, some important features are not on the app. For example, to make a comment you need to open a page by swapping right(I guess, there were no comment button). I don’t know if like, comment and repost buttons will be added to app but making them hand gestures may make the app more complex then it should. Also by making full screen portrait, the app kinda looks like Tiktok🤷🏻‍♂️

it’s going to be multi-ratio, meaning you have the option of choosing square or portrait

Yeah, I already know it’s gonna be multi ratio but the design of the app is for portrait mode which will make square mode videos look bad and because of full screen portrait mode it will create a little bit complex app like tiktok.


hmmm, i’m sure dom has got it covered, he knows what he doing. v*** seemed to work well with square

i’m all for square tbh, really not a fan of portrait, and so many apps use it.

Maybe not making the portrait videos full screen will create good interface for the both portrait and square mode but yeah, Dom know what he is doing so, I bet he planned something for it.

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I actually kind of wish portrait wasn’t a thing, makes framing shots weird


Portrait works great on Snapchat and instagram stories, and even YouTube is adding vertical video. I like the idea of options, but vertical really is the future (no matter how much I hate it)