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If v2 has a popular page, can it please be like youtube’s trending page? (The way is works/looks, not how they put news outlets ontop).

I was watching a few ex-viners, and they said that back in the day, being on the popular page was a big thing, then it turned into something anyone could get onto.

I think a popular page would be a lot better if it was how youtube does it (#1 trending, #2 trending, #3 trending, etc…) and less like how instagram does it now (you can refresh the page and there are a whole new set of videos).

Being on the popular page is a big accomplishment that shouldn’t be able to go away in 2 seconds just because someone refreshes the page. How about, the popular page changes every day/every two days, that way content creators who have made it onto the popular page and deserve it actually get the recognition they deserve.

What are your thoughts? (minus the abuse of top viners, I already know about that and hopefully they think of a way to prevent that).


Yeah I like the idea as long as it’s nothing like Instagram

Yes, it would give videos and the content creator more exposure and attention

I do not like it, i believe that the videos on the page discover must have a certain amount of likes and these likes determine the position of the videos, and the page should be updated every 2/3 hours, people always want to see new things no one wants to see the same content for a day or two days…

Yeah Instagram is really annoying too cause stuff isn’t in chronological order. Stuff on V2 should be

A trending page for V2 would be great, but I just hope that it’s more based on popular content than what the team want us to see badly (that’s basically what youtube seem to be doing with their trending page at the moment, considering the extremely weird videos that end up on there in my days. well, at least in the UK)

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there should also be categories for trending pages


It will be based on everything. The engagement, the amount of likes within a certain time frame, how important it is, etc… Having a video only feature for an hour or two is useless. Imagine being a creator, making a really good video, seeing your video get on the trending page. It’s an amazing feeling. But then… your video is taken down within an hour… There isn’t much point in being on a trending/popular page if your video is only going to be there for an hour.

That would be cool. That way users of the app can find their top trending favourite videos (If I’m into sports I can go into the sports trending page, etc…) Nice idea.

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Yes, I agree! Instagram makes life hard lmao, when I find a funny post and forget to save it, my brain explodes

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but that would give room for more creators to have their moment, so maybe the ideal is 6 hours, I really think that if the videos stay there for a long time an comum user will not have much to do but see the same videos every time…

Nono. Creators will get a chance to be on the popular page.
‘That would give room for more creators to have their moment’ - yeah… 15 minutes of fame. Other people’s work shouldn’t be lowered just to ‘give others a chance’. If people make good/engaging content, they will end up on the popular page, if they don’t, then they won’t end up on the popular page. But if I were an artist and put 10+ hours into a video, then it stays on the popular page for a tiny bit, then someone else takes my spot on there simply to ‘give others a chance’, I’d be miserable.

basically, to win a competition you shouldn’t need to rely on others failing, you should need to rely on you passing them.

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lol but the videos will only take 6.5 seconds I believe it is not possible to spend 10 hours on a video… but ok I agree with you! but if a person post great content, and she posted after the dicover page updated and then she did not will have the chance to have your recognition since the page will only be updated the next day, this is bad… so maybe the solution is an update every hour … but in this update the videos will not disappear to make room for other artists, a video will only disappear from the page find out if some better and more engaging video, on youtube it happens so sometimes…

On youtube the video doesn’t vanish completely. The same videos will be on the trending page, however they’ll just get moved up and down. As the days go by, they put those newer videos at the top, which generally pushes the old ones down the page, until they are off. This is the kind of system I’d like, rather than videos completely vanishing after only an hour.

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yes, but the update does not happen daily, by what I see happens all the time

hi just wondering how I would be on the trending page or home page and say I post my vine will it go to the homepage of vine and maybe trending page

I agree to that