Popular page placement indicator

Hey! i just thought of something that would be kinda neat to have in the future so i though i’d share. Basically it’s like on youtube where on top of the video title (in our case caption), it says what position it is on the trending page (in our case popular now). The little badge would be displayed on the popular page as well as on your own profile (for as long as its trending). What it could look like is just a little circle with the corresponding number in it, maybe even make it gold, silver and, bronze for first, second and, third. Although this isn’t a huge ground breaking feature it’s just one of those fun little details.

It’s definitely not in a huge rush since currently getting on the popular page isn’t the hardest thing to achieve. However down the line when it will be it’ll make you feel hella special for the time you’re up there! There should be a limit on how big the numbers get. I’d say currently only top 50 could have these little badges, but when the number of daily users get bigger maybe bump it up to the top 100.

time for a little pros and cons

Pro: like i said it’s just a little confidence booster that rewards your hard work.
Con: could turn the popular page into more of a competition vibe (tbh it’s kinda already like that lol).

So now here’s where you come in! let me know what you think down below. Do you like the idea or no? Do you have any more pros and cons you can think of?

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I think it’s a cool idea. Don’t know about the gold silver and bronze thing, but an icon will definitely be cool


honestly I do scroll through the popular page really fast to see where I’m at on there. an indicator would be great so that way I just KNOW and can spend more time watching new bytes in categories etc. I think top 50 is a good number


Yeah that’s why this idea I decided to recommend it lol! I do the same thing and although i don’t exactly watch that much content from it but I still want to know where im placed on it.


Yeah if I were to make it on there someday lol I would wanna know what number I am on at least.


I second this idea :ok_hand:t4:


I agree with @jessfrombyte

I scroll through the popular page and count, so it would be helpful to just have an indicator instead. I could see why they may want to avoid doing that because it makes it too much of a numbers game/competition, but we already count the rankings anyway.



Hahahaha true


I’ll be honest, I do this too.

I think if this were to be implemented, it should be viewable to the user only. This gives the creator that “confidence booster” that you’re asking for, yet at the same time it doesn’t give you an advantage over other creators (e.g. some people are more receptive to “top content”)


great point


Honestly great point however but I mean the video is still high on the popular page so nothing stop those types of creators from still counting for themselves or still just looking at the top but tbh as long as I know that all I would need :man_shrugging:t2:


This definitely seems like an interesting idea to test out


No that part is fine, I just mean from the viewer’s perspective. Obviously you’re more likely to watch/like videos that are #1 on Trending on YouTube than #30 simply because if it’s #1, you’d think it’s a good video right?

I just think it’s important to think about the impact it could have on the viewer’s (which will hopefully be the masses/majority) experience. This is very obviously geared towards creators, and a really specific niche (“creators consistently hitting the top”), so probably a low priority feature.

It’s no secret that I personally think that doing away with ranking systems (such as Popular) is the best move. Just putting that out there dom :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


yeah i agree you’d think but usually not the case lol but still nice to be there for exposure.

also can you explain a bit better on what you mean here im a little slow :sweat_smile:(i’m sure ill look back and it’ll make sense lol)

I love the idea of a creator view (only available to creator) that would show icons per loop for:

Trending - byte trended on x community, popular, etc.
Highest rank -could be by community and would show date if hovered
Platinum Diamond, etc - X loops = silver, etc

So in response to the first point about exposure, yeah it is really nice for exposure, but this is kinda like the “rich get richer” or “Pewdiepie gets even bigger”. I’m indifferent to this, but others may not be.

And what I mean there about killing off ranking systems (popular) is essentially, what’s the top video on TikTok? or YouTube? It’s pretty hard to tell, right? Only people who go out of their way specifically looking hard for #1 (probably via googling, wikipedia pages, or clickbait articles) would be able to tell. There is no (internal) way of looking for the most viewed/liked video.

This is why I really liked the concept of Popular 2/New & Trending. Everyone that’s made it on there is kinda like “doing well”, and you’d have to take some time analysing to gauge whether you’re “doing the best” or “just doing well”.

So as you can tell, I’m the kinda guy who advocates more for like 50k likes distributed over 10000 people rather than 100 people. From a risk perspective, if the viewers are watching more people, they are more inclined to stay on the app. However, if everyone is watching the same 100 people, the impact of each of those 100 people leaving is bigger. Kinda like diversifying.

Practical example: Imagine if instead of only the popular creators and the TikTokers getting all the hype in the first week, a lot more people got attention (there were a lot of good bytes that week). I would theorise that more people would stick around since there’s more people they watch on Byte now, instead of their favourite creators just legging it.


Yeah I agree with you the popular page basically only helps promote people with bigger followings and not actually a good representation of what content is actually on this app (in most cases)

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This coming from a creator’s point of view and I may view things a bit competitively because I really want byte to be a major part of my life. But I dislike the popular page in a way. When scrolling this feed, I just get frustrated about how few women there are (typically around 13 and 16 percent of the top 30 posts, it’s 10 percent at the moment) and frustrated that I’m not higher up.