Popular content by region

We should have a feature in the app that allows us to see the most popular content by region (like a mapamundi). Those regions could de Latin America, North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Middle East.

However, this content should not be sorted by the region the creators are from, but in which the content is popular. This would become important because this is the way to avoid a region bias for the creators.

I live in Chile (South America) but the content I’m interest in making may not fit my country/region appeal and would help to be shown in places where I may appeal.

This idea is based on DatKidMolly post from February 6 (sorry I don’t know how to tag) where she talked about the importance of region in the popularity of the content made.

I apologize for any misuse of the English lenguaje that I may have.

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I went ahead and closed this thread to minimize duplicate topics. Please search topics before creating new ones.

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