Popping in to say hey

Hello hi!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. So, how’s everyone doing right now? What’s the end of the year looking like for y’all?


I’m definitely doing atm. Nothing too special coming up. Just seeing where the end of this year takes me


University has gone completely online for me so I won’t be seeing anyone new till about February, but I’ll be too busy with Uni work to notice myself goin insane (I hope hehe) cos it’s officially deadline season oof oof ;-; how are you Miss Wombat??


Sometimes doing is all you can do :pensive::metal: hope the end of the year takes you somewhere really special (and offers to pay)!

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Ahhh deadline season is one aspect of academic life I do not miss in the least. Be sure to keep getting some amount of sleep and take care of yourself the best you can!

I’m doing alright most of the time. Studying to become a medical coder, spending inordinate amounts of time on twitter :woman_shrugging: so it goes