PopNews ( V2 & Forum ) Project

Hi guys I’m very excited to try something out. I’m creating this new project called PopNews here on the Forum and see how you guys react to it.
I’ll be posting here all the news from artists around the world to keep you informed and up to date to their projects and achievements.

I’m also trying to test it out for the V2 App, so I created one 6.5 - 9:16 seconds video.
Even if there’s only two people watching this thread I’ll still keep posting so you can watch. Now, I let you in to my first post and Vve.

Credits: Popcrave & ShadyMusicFacts

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Adele, Camila Cabello, Katy Perry, Kesha, Rihanna and Taylor Swift are the only female artists to reach #1 on Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 simultaneously this decade.

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That post looks like something out of a Snapchat subscription, but I like it! 6 seconds for one of those is REALLY short, so that may be a problem for readability

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Yeahhh I thought of that. But as you said it looks like a Snapchat. So in V2 you’ll be able too look at it better and it will be played automatically.

Sounds like a good idea

.@Rihanna has officially broke Madonna’s record and is now the second female artist with the most top 40 hits on billboard 100 with 50 TOP 40s!

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Christina Aguilera takes to Instagram to let us know her album is coming!


Congratulations to Timothée Chalamet who’s nominated for an #Oscar for the first time in his career. Chalamet is the third youngest actor to ever be nominated in this category!

“Best Actor in a Leading Role” for “Call Me by Your Name.”

‘ANTI’ by @Rihanna has now spent 2 years (consecutively) on the Billboard 200 Chart. WE LOVE A QUEEN OF LONGEVITY.

Who’s having a good week? @Camila_Cabello :fire:! #1 album on the charts and now #Camila is officially Gold :dvd:!First 2018 album to earn an RIAA certification. Wow. #Havana is 3X Platinum too.


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Not me :eyes:

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