POLL: Who Used V***

Which of you actually used Vine?

  • Yes, I posted regularly
  • Yes, I posted a few times
  • Yes, I watched and commented on others’ vines
  • Yes, but only a few times
  • No

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i wish i did, it would have been so fun


No but I watch compilations


I’d watch vines and viners through other mediums but I rarely actually went to the website and I never downloaded the app


I never Realy got to using it by my self. But i spent a lot of time with my friends on it on there phones

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Never used it, I was like 13 at the time and didn’t want to put myself out there. I watched all the vines, just never made then myself.


Same to young but still could laught with friends about it

Loved it when it was around. Much more entertaining than YouTube and now with airpods I would love to watch vines anywhere lol

Me and my wife spent a lot of time watching vines together. Never made any, but hopefully that will change in the future!

I watched videos on it daily but I didn’t make content much myself, mainly because I was a bit late to it

Me and my friends just used to watch hour long compilations on youtube, I never actually downloaded the app yet I loved it so much.

Same. I really wish I had the app


When I started posting it was coming to an end :frowning:, So I just posted a few before it closed :disappointed::sparkles:

I miss it:(

right! i wouldve had so many memories haha

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for some reason i used musically instead

edit: i trolled on musically so ye

i posted pretty much everyday for 3/4 years. i would post stupid (and embarrassing) vines of myself for my own enjoyment. probably did over 1000 :joy: then a few other things when importing videos was brought to the app, like looping music videos. tHEN in august 2014 i became a funny editor until the day vine shut down and gained myself almost 18k followers throughout it all! i also had two other channels (one for me to post stupid vids of myself on and the other as a backup account just incase) i’m very proud of what i achieved and met some great people along the way!:blue_heart:


Haha I WISHED I used it… Unfortunately I started my comedian journey a few days after it closed down