POLL- when not in use do you prefer your shower curtain to be closed or open?

I keep mine open so I know there won’t be anybody hiding behind it :joy:

  • Fully Open
  • Fully Closed
  • Somewhere in the middle

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Always closed! Gotta prevent that mold

I just think it’s weird when it’s open…

I rather it closed so it won’t get moldy but every time I go into the bathroom I check behind the curtain just to make sure no one’s hiding :joy:

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And what would you do if someone was actually hiding behind the curtain with a dagger?:joy:

Fully closed, i dont live alone so with this i can prevent some unfortanaly things…

in the middle but just enough so you can’t be seen.

FULLY OPEN if not there is 1000% a murderer standing behind it


fully open for me fam but i lock the door so whats the difff

Always closed, ofc…

Closed ONLY if I’m not alone in the building. Otherwise, it’s usually open because I’m too lazy to pull the curtains.

You never know when someone could be hiding behind the shower curtain. I don’t want to be pooping when suddenly pennywise jumps out from the shower.


who showers with the curtain open? It’s cold and water can get all over the floor

I’m talking about when the shower isn’t in use!! Showering with the curtain closed is definitely recommended hahaha


lol it’s closed for me period.

I’ve literally never thought about something like this until now :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah and if it doesn’t air our properly then mold has a chance to grow

Assuming they weren’t trying to kill me… use the downstairs bathroom :joy:

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Don’t know if you rent, own, or live with someone rent free, but at some point, you just have to accept the fact that a serial killer may be in your shower, and you may die on the toilet bowl.

Kane out.