[POLL] Should a “Memes” sub-category be added?

I noticed how popular my last topic about there needing to be more memes on Byte got, so I created a poll in relation to it.

Should a sub-category explicitly for memes be created?

  • A “Memes” sub-category should be added
  • A “Memes” sub-category should not be added

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THE POLL HAS CONCLUDED: 71% of people agree a “Memes” category should be included and 29% disagree. The majority has won. I guess most of the people here want an actual memes category instead of just that really vague, useless Internet subsection.

Put it under #idea

Linking this to the idea thread

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Ooo… I’m torn here - part of me wants to say yes, so they’re easier to find (since search only supports usernames) - but another part of me feels that any amount of bureaucracy would be detrimental to memes actually succeeding