Poll: Bring back Byte Trending Hashtags

  • Yes?
  • NO?

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This is the first poll I have made so if it dont work right my bad.lol

On my end I cant see who votes what. I know most polls usually show a pic under what you vote.

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LOL 100% votes for yes out of the 10 voters so far.

i think everyone was a big fan of those, and it sucks that people took advantage of it, but if the team can figure out a way to re implement it, i think the community would really like that


This is definitely a topic that has been brought up FREQUENTLY ever since the trending tags were taken away a couple of months ago (like I swear we have already done a poll for this before). So I know the general consensus is that users want it back. We should definitely keep up the hashtag challenges anyways- and hopefully soon there will be an easier way to find them


What queen said :crown:


I thought I may have seen a poll before but when I looked it up I didnt find one. So I figured what the heck. Lol

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haha maybe it was deleted- but I know this is a topic brought up every couple of weeks or so since the disappearance of them (which is why I know most people want it back cause it was a really good feature)


26 of us all vote yes as of now :eyes::open_mouth:

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My only concern with trending hashtags is that someone else will abuse them again for their own personal gain because if one was clever enough to do it, he won’t be the only one.

However, if we can do the right and smart thing and immediately report these incidents to the devs when they happen without feeling the need to subject the culprit to public ridicule, then I’m all for it. Otherwise we’ll just be repeating history. :neutral_face:

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I know I probable sound pretty stupid by asking this , but what exactly happened? How did someone abuse it? Did they just do nothing but trending hashtags for videos or was it something else? I know they have to be a backstory here I am left out on .

The gist of what I know is this:
One user got other users to post videos using a hashtag of his own username. Since there were so many recent videos with the hashtag of his username, the hashtag was at the top of the trending list and he got called out for it, Dom removed the feature less than 24 hours after it was released to the beta testers, and that’s why we don’t have trending hashtags at the moment.

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That makes more since now. Thanks for filling me in.:slightly_smiling_face:

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A solution that I recommended in another post to fix this issue is for the byte team to manually remove the hashtag of the abuser(s) from the trending hashtag list instead of removing the feature entirely. That way the abusers will get punished for doing it and the people that are using this feature appropriately will be able to continue to use it.


If Byte Trending hashtag returns, Indians especially local celebrities and companies will move to Byte to gain viral trending after TikTok and Likee banned the country recently. No worries!

I still see the hashtags when I go to search > hashtag tab without doing a search. Aren’t those what’s trending? I’m on Android.

They still produce hashtag trends for money

41 out of 41 voters voted yes. Poll closed Now. So this is absolutely a no brainer that the community wants this feature back in some shape or form🙂