Politics/news/other real world stuff channel warning

(i couldnt find any posts like this but if i missed one that already talks about this i apologize)

  1. i would like to see some sort of channel about current events/politics/other stuff similar to that (i think /current would be a cool name, if suggestions are being taken)

2. politics and news (especially right now) tend to be very mentally draining subjects, and i think if this sort of channel is ever implemented, there could be some sort of warning when someone taps on it telling them that there could be heavy/triggering subjects being talked about. obviously it wouldn’t be allowed to break any guidelines, but if the whole seriousness of it all – for lack of better words – is holding back the team from making a channel that would basically revolve around politics, i think this would be a great way to implement said channel. i think politics are very important, and i think having a place to share thoughts from every point the political compass can be extremely beneficial to everyone (who’s willing to listen, at least).

sorry i kinda just rambled for a minute but my main point was about the warning before entering this channel if it’s ever created.


You suggest it here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PafPWE_lvvMB6jXFYGfYShoir48OtbeR0G8loseoYYs/viewform?edit_requested=true