Politics and V2

So I’m wondering if politics will be allowed on the app as long as you aren’t being offensive of course because I mean some people really do care about politics and I want to be able to share my opinions but idk how @dom wants to handle that.


I believe that anything that is not disrespectful, abusive or offensive will be allowed in v2, then, yes.

If it is allowed what would they possibly post, just a question since it is 6.5 seconds. Yeah I believe politics are allowed, I get most of my information online, especially Instagram.

I said this about Instagram models. I don’t think any group should be excluded as long as it doesn’t break policy.

I believe that if it is a discussion without being offensive, it is allowed

I’d love to see some politics go down on the app as long as it doesn’t get too out of hand. But tbh with politics you never know what will happen

Hmm, I agree, I don’t think we should exclude a group but I don’t think politics well suits the app. If you’re talking about general discussion and not comedye.g. memes about politics I don’t see how it would work. I feel like it would get out of hand seeing as you only have 6.5 seconds and if your point isn’t well made, people can jump to conclusions or twist it and would it be the case that the debate or chat would continue in the comment section? It just seems to be too many cons than pros and it will be difficult to filter people’s opinions whether they are offensive or not.

I will be making videos making fun of the traitorous orange buffoon currently in the White House whether people find it offensive or not.

I think it should be allowed, but a feature to block political stuff could be created