Political Correctness (Controversial)

A wise friend once told me: it’s okay to be mean or offensive as long as it’s funny.

I agree.


Thank you, Comrade, for bringing this up.

We tend to forget that Vine blew up in March of 2013 BECAUSE OF the absurd, irreverent, dirty, and often very politically incorrect Vines, not DESPITE THEM.

Vine was a stop-motion art app that got hijacked by demented comedic minds like WhoisMaxwell, Marlo Meekins, Will Sasso, Andy Milonakis, Simon Rex, et all.

The WHOLE JOKE of Vine for us OG Viners was that if someone could get offended over a 6 seconds piece of video, then they were the type of person that had a stick up their butt and was worth offending.

But as @Vlad the Impaler mentioned, the culture has changed, and PC culture has taken hold again, like it did in the law 90s.

I pray that the great minds behind V2, in the spirit of freedom of creativity and speech, allows the app’s culture to dictate its own “line”. And then allows us to cross it again and again, since that is what comedians are HERE TO DO!

Remember kids…

“Political Correctness is just FASCISM pretending to be Manners.”
– George Carlin

I love you all and am psyched to start accidentally offending you!!! :v:t3:


You speak wise words hopefully the creators of V2 listen!!!

Thats what I was suggesting, people that don’t want see it can apply filters to their searches or to what comes up on their APP. WE shouldn’t have our creativity limited because of what a few people might not like. YES there is a clear line. 100% agree with that!!! However people like KingBach aren’t racists, it was just funny thats why he was so popular if anyone crossed the line regardless of how big they might be on v2 they would the community would make sure that they were properly punished. Look at Logan Paul…

I saw this guy put this post up, I found it hilarious, what do you guys think? He’s making fun of Logan Paul ok that isn’t offensive I’m sure Logan can take it

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I mean the app is PG13 since it is 13+ am I incorrect?


Did you just promote your own account?


Like, what you said that you were joking about wasn’t offensive, it’s just when it comes to jokes that should not be joked about, like suicide, body shaming someone, 9/11 jokes, because those are very sensitive topics for many MANY people, and people take offence to those for a reason. I do agree with you a little bit, a lot of people take offence to things really easily, but nowadays there’s a reason. We just have to be careful with what we say to make sure we don’t hurt someone’s feelings, but I personally love dark humour, just not the offensive humour that’s usually racist, sexist, homophobic, or just plain body shaming or joking about things that should not be joked about.


But if it’s racist, sexist, homophobic, body shaming, or joking about things that should not be joked about like for example, 9/11 jokes, then it should NOT be posted.


Annnnnnnnnnnd that basically encapsulates most of dark humor. Nice job. A joke is a joke. If it is not directly attacking someone, but a group of people in general, I don’t care. People tell me I should eat some food all the time due to the fact that I’m skinny. The best thing to do is brush it off and not get offended at a keyboard warrior.


In my country racisms does not exist. Well it does but in a minimum way. We can make the hardest dark jokes and nobody will take it personally. The problem is the US citizen that won’t let go of the past.

I enjoy jokes but it doesn’t mean I don’t think some shouldn’t been said. Like joking about a mentally illness kid (The president of my country has done it many times before). There’s always a line and I hope the world let’s go soon.

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As someone who also loves dark humor, I don’t think that type of content should be taken down because there are many out there who enjoy it. As for who the joke is about (like you said, if it was a Russian stereotype), they have every right to take offense and that’s why I believe there should be some sort of “sensitive content” filter for jokes that are considered controversial in the climate of that time. With that filter, there’s a warning for anyone who doesn’t want to watch those types of video AND an easy way for people who enjoy it to still watch what they want.


Exactly. I hate posts that are just made to be “edgy” but really don’t have any comedic value


While I agree that political correctness needs to correct itself a bit, the H&M situation probably isn’t the best analogy for this since its not relevant to comedy.

But the sweatshirt is more controversial due to the of the lack of awareness the company had of “monkeys” being a commonly used slur. Not so much that it was intended to be racist at face value.

As for comedy, I hate how politically correct the genre is becoming. I’ve seen interviews with comedians claiming that they have to be cautious about offending people even though it’s technically their job. But in a world where everyone is dealing with something and wants to be heard, it’s almost inevitable that people will lash out.


It was mainly an analogy for victimization, not comedy. It is showing that the sensitivity levels have gone way up in the past few years.


I agree, there’s definitely a notable difference in PCness within the past few years. Rather than parenting being to blame though, I think the problem stems from people now having a platform to express their opinions to the world. People only want to show their “best selves” online and “technically” being politically correct is showing your best self. Like i said above, everyone just wants to be heard.

I can guarantee that if social media didn’t exist or if everyone were anonymous on social media platforms, political correctness wouldn’t be anywhere near as heavy as it is today.


I 100% agree, yea the topics you mentioned are completely of the table. I just don’t want them to become overly strict about everything.

Yes if you don’t like it put change your search preferences, everyone should be allowed to express the creativity given it doesn’t cross a serious line, (9/11, Racism).

To be honest the app would honestly die if it filtered out the slightly crude stuff, every big viner used this. What I suggested is that people that don’t want to be exposed to that can change their individual search preference instead of v2 having to change everyones. If v2 were to do that the app would die in less then a month and thats just the truth.

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Then most of dark humour is just insulting someone for who they are. It’s okay to joke about something’s but what I said before are things people shouldn’t be joking about.