Polish Team/polska grupa

Currently we do not know how this team thing will work but if it links creators with other creators, i am going to be a creator in poland. And i would like to be able to create a polish team. Posts can be in both languages. English to reach a wider audience and in polish to be one of few original polish v2 creators. GET IN HERE AND CREATE A SICK TEAM.

Dla tych polakow, chce stworzyc grupe polakow zebys my mogli tworzyc razem cos pieknego. Nasze posty na v2 moga byc po polsku i po angielsku. Po angielsku zeby wiencej ludzi dotknac. :slight_smile: bandz jeden z tych w polskiej wspolnocie.


You reminded myself that I have a friend whose last name is Polish

Not relevant to discussion.

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The Poles are quite serious :laughing:

Well a lot of them are because for a large amount of time, polish people were under the oppression of Communism and polish schools teach things in such ways where everything is treated so seriously. I am an Irish citizen who never lived there and grew up in England and then a year and a bit ago was moved to Poland because life. (I classify myself as and English guy cos yep). So maybe the Brits are serious as well. Still. Not relevant to discussion.

Yes I knew those of the Poles, I have a German friend who always talks to me about Poland, World Wars and invasions. I think you’re the only one from Poland

I really hope I’m not. And then when it ends up coming out, they will end up leaving me behind by creating a team without me :crying_cat_face:

Nope you’re not the only Polish v2er, I am Polish too :slight_smile:

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Jak bys byla zainterysowana dolonczenie sie do polskiej grupy (team), napisz do mnie albo tutaj albo na instagramie. :smile:

Sorry I wasn’t clear enough – I’m Polish but have forgotten how to write and speak in Polish as I have lived in England since I was two.

Sorry. Okay. Im the opposite. Lived in england from 0 to 15 and now lived two years in this country. I was attempting to make a team of polish v2ers in poland so we could all work together on something but not many polish people apparently. Oh well.

Oh so are you learning Polish or are you Polish?

This is where it gets confusing. Im an Irish citizen that never lived in Ireland (my dad is irish - and does not know polish). I lived in England my entire life and then because of family situations i had to move to poland (my mother is from here). I know polish because my mum made me watch polish films like “franklin” at a young age. I came to poland a year and half ago. I could speak, read or write. I could only understand. I will probably be learning all my life while i live here. There is thankfully something called “The IB Program” where all lessons and tests are in english. :slight_smile: But it is a nightmare.

I made this maybe to complicated. Im neither.

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Woah my dad is from Ireland too and my mum is from Poland…

Ok… I was not expecting that. If I was my sister, I would say “Twinning” but I am not her so therefore i wont state that.

:joy: twinningggggg




I’m Polish (speak, read, write) but I live over on the east coast of the US

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