Policy on Blurred Mature Content

Hi All!

Just wondering your thoughts on nudity or graphic content. Do you think it rightfully belongs on v2 if the content has been blurred or altered to modify it? Should artists and creators be free to post this type of content? Should they be required to post warnings or label mature content? Would violation of this policy result in being banned altogether?


I think mature content should definitely be preceded by a warning or a sign in requirement similar to YouTube.
I don’t think actual nudity or porn should be tolerated. I don’t think it belongs on a comedy app. There’s enough porn online. :joy::confounded:


I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it yet. Maybe I haven’t given it much thought. Perhaps it should be allowed but only with an age restriction and a warning?


The internet will be what it is, and it would be nearly impossible to outright ban nsfw content. However it should definitely be given a blur or a warning if it shows something not safe for work. This could be turned off in settings if the user chooses, or the user could even opt to hide nsfw content altogether possibly. There are ways to keep it safe without forbidding it all the way, and I think that would be a better move. Also, if something is incredibly inappropriate to the point where it should not be shown, there will definitely need to be an option to report posts!


In a art form yes most definitely, but to braodcast private premium snaps, or just someone being nude on video noooo

I think it should be up to the creator to blur it. I could see so many issues with the system choosing to blur things.

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