Pokemon Platinum adventure

So I’m really bored and I figured I’d start a playthrough of pokemon platinum. You might be wondering why platinum, and the simple answer is because I can’t find my copy of diamond…

Yeah so I’m gonna document my adventure, not entirely sure why but I think it’ll be fun!

Guess we can start off with my starter!

I’m no expert on team building, and I was recommended Chimchar so presumably this was the ideal choice, but I took Piplup anyway because Piplup cute




turtwig > all other starters


Piplup is great but turtwig is an awesome starter lol.

I love Pokémon platinum! Absolute beast of a game. Best way to team build is figure out what the gyms and the elite four typings are and figure out the weaknesses of those types and get the right Pokémon to have the right moves and resistance to those types lol. Dual type Pokémon (like grass/ground is only really affected by ice and flying) are the best for stuff like that. :slight_smile: I hope this helps!


How has this gone so far? :eyes:

Gen 4’s my favorite gen :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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I always chose this character and for all this time I have never regretted my decision :slight_smile:
By the way, how exactly will you pass the game. I found out that my classmate still has a Gameboy console and I was very surprised. He turned out to be a real crud and did not allow me to play even Mario or Pokemon and I was disappointed, but soon I found a solution and passed the game faster than him and uploaded the video to YouTube. I was very happy that I found out about https://romsie.com/pokemon-platinum-version-us-nintendo-ds-rom. This is the ROM version of Pokemon for emulators and, unlike other versions, it works amazingly!


Cark how did this go it’s still my favorite Pokémon game



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