Pokemon go!

Is anyone on the forums on pokemon go?.
We can add each other just paste your digit code here ! And I’ll send you request ! :heart_eyes:

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No but I play Mario Kart :star_struck:


i used to play pokemon go a lotttt. throwback to 2016 & 2017. i wanna start playing it again eventually


How do you find your code?

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Let’s do it then !

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Tap on your player . Tap on friend and then requests then copy your code paste it here

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omg throwbacks

I only pokemon go to the polls sorry i had too :pensive:

any one still play this going play it soon and do byte videos on pokemon go

I used to play Pokemon GO but sadly Not anymore since The Company Banned my Account for Accident Serveral times for No Single Reasons What so Ever.

But I Play Dragalia Lost. Who’s in it?