Podcast episode on Byte

Hi everyone,

I’m doing a podcast episode on Byte! Possibly a small series?

I’d like to gauge interest before I plan it. This isn’t affiliated with the Take a Byte Podcast.

Here’s the byte talking about it and here’s my podcast (available on Spotify, Apple, Google)

If you’d like to be featured, comment what you’d like to talk about plus your instagram handle so I can reach out :smiley:


well if you want to know what byte is all about. take a look at the people on the app and on the forum, they’re the ones constantly pushing creativity to the fullest and if you really want to find them, you’ll have to do a lot of intensive app usage. creating/following/liking/commenting, it’s the only way to truly understand what byte is all about.

I should know, I’m a bytemedian.

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I would love to be featured on the podcast btw, I would love to talk about memes, artists, goals and dreams and my Instagram handle is @trapbeasts

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I’ve been on the app for around a month and have many friends already! Am going to reach out personally but I thought I’d give lesser known creators the opportunity to be included.

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Epic Podcast :stuck_out_tongue: I’m down! Topic: Quarantine & Technology

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you should check me out, I’m one of the first people who hopped on byte when it trended on Twitter and left beta.

I’m a bit of a podcast fiend, and always up for a recording sesh. Definitely interested in talking about experience from Vine to Byte, hopes for Byte, and personal drives and motivations around what is created on the app to contribute to the community.

Also, I’m m3jcnv on Instagram, so feel free to reach out. (Also, the account is private, so you might have to request an add before being able to message.)


I mean, I think you already know it but my topic of choice is


Sounds like a cool idea, I’d like to see it

Awesome I love these topics!

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Hahah I definitely do!

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I wish I knew more about Byte to be eligible for this. However, Mikaela, I’m giving you full permission to give me a shoutout…lol

Heyo! Just went through your podcast and wanted to say that it’s very well done and interesting! I think an interesting topic would be talking about the community of Byte vs that of other platforms. If you’re interested my Instagram is @wow.thats.jazzy . I’m super excited to see how the episode turns out and hopefully get to hear lots from the other topics I’ve seen suggested here :slight_smile:

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Sounds awesome :100: :100: I’m game. My handle is @alwinthesheriff. I don’t know everything about byte but I love discussing content creation and creativity aspects.

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Hey im down for this! my IG Handle is @pepelefuqyouuu

And i guess you can just interview me with w.e


I am still fascinated by this project, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.


I might include two shoutouts per episode of underground creators!


Oh thank you! I’ve just got to organise topics and then I’ll be in touch!

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Unfortunately I don’t have a newsletter at the moment :sweat_smile: