Plz avoid showing the follower account (i can explain)

if you want to avoid what ruined tiktok, just keep the follower count hidden. i really don’t care how many followers ppl have, i’ll follow them if they’re funny. it would make milestones worth celebrating too because nobody else but the creator knows how many followers they have. hiding it would avoid anything like the “hype house” from happening. it would influence the creation of groups that ppl would follow not only because of how many followers they have, but because of how good their content is



I said that :point_up:, because I felt like people would want to leech followers off of creators who worked (created, engaged, etc) for the current following they have if follower count was public; trying to “grow” by faux engagement.

I’m 100% for keeping it hidden, but it was said there would be an option for numbers visibility. We’ll have to wait, and see I guess :man_shrugging:


Once it can be toggled on, that pushes other people to toggle on because if you keep it hidden it implies you have a low follower count. I don’t want it to be an option


I feel like a hidden follower count would be healthier in the long run.


When I look at how many followers someone has, if they are over a million then I see it as them being verified in their content and have better quality. It’s natural for someone to prefer the person with more followers and follow them when compared to a person with low follwing. Which is why it should be hidden because nobody cares as long as it’s funny


Yeah, I think many people (unfortunately) look at follow count as a sort of trust meter. We should avoid the lemming mentality but I’m not sure what the correct balance is. It’s honestly the least reasonable method for determining trustworthiness. But it’s just that many believe “these other people think they’re cool, they must be cool”.

I am fine with them staying hidden and people choosing to put their numbers out there if they want. As much as we would like to change the tide it takes time and numbers are still a big deal to most.


Or they can have a option cuz i most def want mine to be shown , whether it’s high or super low

It encourages me to push myself

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Well you can still see your own follower count.


I like the idea of seeing other’s followers count just because it helps identify smaller content creators. I’d like to support them and help with their exposure. But I understand why they’re currently hidden.

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Hiding follower counts is one of the most refreshing things about this app. Please don’t change it.

Rebyte things from people you like (there are definitely ways of gleaning engagement if you want to boost “smaller” accounts)


I mean I get it, but it’s also a pick your poison. If it’s hidden, more people will do the system of following and unfollowing to grow. Also makes it much harder for sponsors to come on the app for advertisement. I’d say i’m probably leaning towards it, but it should be optional. Even if it does imply a low follower count for those who choose to keep it turned off, people who don’t want to see the numbers probably won’t be very phased. Could be wrong :man_shrugging:

No i want to see it displayed on my profile

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Fax ! This just a couple of reasons ( what u just said ) why i think there should be a option to show them

I understand. My point was that the argument of pushing yourself doesn’t necessitate having the number public

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I agree. In the long run keeping this hidden will spark more creativity.

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should Dom program it so that if there is a number in the description that is equal to the follower count then it would not save the description? lol

I really don’t want it shown tbh because imo it would place more negative emotions & mental pressures out into this community than positive motivation.
I mean look at how upset some people have gotten already and at the moment only they can see their own stats… otherwise imagine how things would be.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me obviously but I think it’s better to stick to the prioritising of content with the goal being getting that verification thing.


i largely agree that follower counts should not be shown because it reinforces a focus on creativity and content creation rather than making the focus or competition someones follower count

some people take follower counts too personally and seriously, realistically there is many amazing creators out there who may become demotivated seeing others with many more followers than them but maybe (at least not in their eyes) better content. some amazing creators just have not had that break yet so i do not believe ones follower count correlates with their skills as a content creator


Or, if you’re a high-end creator with a lot of engagement, it can become a no-flex flex where you don’t say how many followers you have so people project that you have more than you actually do.