Pls sell byte merch and that’s it nothing else

pls it will make us look so sexy

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cc. @PlasticRice


Somewhere plasticrice is composing an essay and about to respond :joy:


I have been summoned? Oh, not this again.

Yo, dude. I really like your idea as much as the next guy who does, we all want Byte to be able to grow. And yeah, I would LOVE a black Byte shirt, do you know how much I would wear that in public? Or a black Byte jacket with the logo? Or even with something like ‘Vine has returned?’ It would look totally sick.

But the number of times I and other people have addressed Byte marketing is, like, more times than I have fingers and toes. Which is a lot of times.

Dom has stated that they’ve been focusing on making Byte more user-friendly for a while, that’s what the team’s main focus is. As far as people who have used vine or were fans of Vine, I think a large majority of them don’t even know that Byte exists, my friends included from Uni and HS who ask why I’m uploading funny 6 second videos of myself to my SnapChat if Vine has died, them not knowing that Byte exists.

Dom put it best when he summed up basic marketing strategy in a previous post:

"you don’t buy ads (or influencer campaigns) until you’re sure that you’ll retain a good portion of the people you’re advertising to. otherwise you’re spending a lot of money on people who try it once and don’t come back. that’s called a leaky bucket and it can be pretty bad for a business

right now our main focus is on making the app better and listening to feedback. when the the time is right we will invest in marketing :slight_smile:" --> link: Byte Marketing

Relax, man. We’ve gotta just ride this wave out. The difference between early vine, which took months if not 1-2 years to really start to grow, is that we have the forums for communication – these forums have been a great soap box for people to voice their paranoia of Byte not blowing up, or things like that. Imagine if people did that with Vine a month into release – it’d be absurd. Dom, the creator of Vine, having worked on an app with 200+ million active users and selling his app to a triple-A company (Twitter), I think he knows what he’s doing right now in regards to the baby steps to take with Byte.

And, again, give it time. It’ll have been ~4 weeks out of the numerous years Tik Tok / Musically was out (a total of 6, going on 7, years, to take off). Tik Tok actually didn’t spend billions with an S, it spent roughly a single billion – still a ton of money, I know. But…I mean…Dom does not have billions of dollars. He’s not a Chinese megacorporation. He’s a humble dude with a comparably small team trying to bring back the format we know and love, not a multi-billionaire who can fling money at anyone who sneezes at him. And, well, yeah. Tik Tok was the merge between the Chinese app Douyin and after it was bought, having 3-4 years to build up its userbase before making this deal. People are freaking out about Byte not blowing up when it’s only had a month out of how many that Douyin/Tik Tok/ have had to grow? 48? 60? 72? We’re far from those numbers, man. Patience is a virtue! :^) if it works, it’ll work. After a 28-day period, I don’t think any judgement calls so far are too sound to make.


I’m trying to get me a Byte shirt or some Byte socks… or pajamas but lets not get crazy.


brennan go to sleep lol im sure they have everything planned


@FaizalDawx basically what I wish I could say every time someone brings up Byte marketing strategy


ok oop maybe should’ve worded my post better :joy: haven’t been on the forums for a while so not aware of the other posts mentioning this

also, totally aware of the “slow down phase” and not trying to complain about or bring attention to it to dom and the team, they have other things to worry about for sure.

I didn’t mean for advertisements to go out next week, I thought it would be good funding to have in their back pocket for when they do decide to advertise in the right way at the right time.

i just wanted a byte hoodie to look sexy in


Oh, you just wanted strictly merchandise? Usually when people bring up Tik Tok and marketing, they’re usually referring to the Fall of Byte or something. It’s been rampant these past few weeks.

As far as funding goes, I’m not sure where they’re getting revenue or money from other than a collective reserve they’ve had to invest together of sorts. Maybe the sponsorship deal from Nike? Things along those lines.

I’d totally dig a Byte hoodie. Or a Byte tshirt. Something to wear to flex everyone with, the big return of Vine in all of its glory. Maybe Dom should start a Byte fast-food joint in L.A. – they’ll sell 6 pc. chicken tenders for 6 dollars, and ordering only takes 6 seconds.


haha yeah, I tweaked the post to make it a little more sense on what I’m pushing for. I know the money they made from the nike deal is going towards creators in the partner program so interested to know what merch profit would go to. also i would eat a byte chicken nugget any day


apparel coming soon :heart_eyes:


I know they should just leave it to the pros who make the app. These guys got it sure if they didn’t we wouldn’t be here even! lol


REEEE GIMMIE A SPOOKY BYTE HOODIE (smol letters) i want byte chicken nuggets


YES!! Finally something to mix into my shadowminer apparel! Thank You!

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take my money pls


I can’t wait to put the cuter one of our #DadLife duo in one of these shirts! She loves to model and show off, lol. This is exciting Dom, thank you!!

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Best believe the drip will be magnificent


I love designing tshirts and am thinking about selling Byte Tshirts. Obviously I wouldn’t put their logo on it since I don’t want to deal with copyright issues but I have some ideas if anyone wants me to keep them updated.