Please Understand the Goal

The aim of “v2” is not just “be as different as possible from Vine”. The aim is to learn from previous mistakes and be better than Vine. The forums allow the creators and users to discuss while creating the app. A lot of people use “needs to be different” as their reasoning behind certain changes. I see that they’re thinking this because of Dom’s “v2 is not associated with Vine”, but we have to understand that this doesn’t mean the INVERSION of Vine. So having “portrait videos” or “disabling video importing” just to “be as different as possible from Vine” is very likely going to ruin the app. Pick what you think works, not just the opposite of the original.
Thanks for reading.


I think this is a fair point but how do we alter how v2 is approached with the audience once it’s released? I mean, the layout and everything could be different or new features could be added to improve but I’m certainly sure that people will approach it the same way they did with vine.

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