Please Stop nagging Dom & team

Ok, I know people are gonna hate me for this, but recently there has been a LOT of posts & threads nagging Dom lately. It really sucks that people keep doing this, and I wanna clear something: He doesn’t really owe us anything. It’s okay to be excited and stuff, but complaining for information isn’t the right thing to do. Thanks for reading.
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Also: Feel free to state your point of view. It’s important to get your opinion as well.


I agree lol. We’re like Dom’s mom nagging him to load the dishwasher


@arf, I appreciate this topic and your respect towards Dom and the creation process. However I don’t particularly view those comments as “complaints” rather as thoughts of concern. To be fair, Dom was super active and persistent with communicating information. Now hes “M I A”. Naturally this calls for a level of concern from members of the community. According to one of the more recent threads, all of his Twitter comments are gone. At this point, I just hope that he is okay.


I understand. This is just for a more broad area though. Thanks for the input though!


I agree 100%… it’s become annoying to see everyone begging for updates… it’ll be here eventually and nothing we say can speed that up, so ppl should just be patient.


True this is just putting pressure on them


Thanks, I just wanted to make it more relevant & personalized. I’ll avoid this next time.

Yess finally someone said it, I was about to make a post on this. We’ve just gotta wait, as you said: He doesn’t really owe us anything


ik, BE PATIENT, JUST BE PATIENT. being tolerant and patient will bring it’s good stuff


Thank you! People need to realise that creating the app is hard work and should allow him to take his time to release info. Im sad that this topic even had to be created. Thanks for taking your time to get this issue across


Agreed! I can’t even imagine how much work would go into making this app, it takes time.



I think people are allowed to be concerned or worried considering how active he was from jan-feb. He would post on twitter, the forums, the app had its own twitter page. There hasn’t been a post to say hi, or we’re still working on this which I think is a tiny bit ignorant because at the end of the day they are using this app for profit as well and I don’t think its polite to announce to the fans that there working on this great app which we are all interested in and completely ignore us or not post for the past 3 months.

I get he could be busy but there were 1000s of people that frequently checked the forums daily for any news but received none and as a result people will unfortunately lose interest. And the suggestion that he was too busy isn’t a very strong case as its hard to believe that in the 3-4 months that have passed since his last post that he couldn’t find the time to say hi or reassure the 1000s of fans that everything is all good. Which is why I can completely understand why people are more than concerned as some of us have invested serious time into these forums as well.


Well, ultimately we joined because we wanted to. Also, he posted a month or so ago.

I get that people can be stressed about its state with little information and an inactive dom, but it is still important to recognize that these are kinda unlikely situations. I feel like we should ultimately let them take their time.


Most people don’t realize that even a “basic” but large applications take about 10 months to create and that is WITHOUT issues that come along with creating an application and WITHOUT taking into account the time it takes to find proper staff and whatnot.

Aside from that, especially on twitter, some people have fallen victim to “agents” purposefully instilling fear that V2 will not come to be in order to further push their products. From blatantly lying to others to creating fake accounts posing as a regular consumer “pushing for answers” solely to make others feel as though the app isn’t coming along. It’s pathetic but people are falling for it.

There is no reason for anyone to assume V2 isn’t happening. Dom stated they have ran into issues which kept them from making updates.

What does that mean?

They are working hard on the app and will make a proper update when it is time.

What that does NOT mean?

The app isn’t happening. Stop falling for purposeful BS that is meant to make you frantic and doubtful lmao, too put it bluntly.

Dom and the staff, they are not incompetent. This is not their first application. They know what they are doing. They are working on the application, and will make an update when a proper update is ready.

They were active during the beginning stages which is expected JUST as it is expected that they are quiet when it comes down to the nitty gritty. (i.e. movie directors. they are not tweeting every week or even month with an update while they are busy producing a grand product)

Don’t worry guys and don’t feel ignored or neglected! :black_heart:


my brother is an App developer and i remember telling him about the app coming out in summer, he just laughed it off and said that it would be delayed for sure… I didn’t really believe em till now. :’)

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People should just be patient.

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It’s not about nagging or pushing man
He doesn’t owe us anything what’s that suppose to mean tommorow when we will use the application we will give him a good Revenue and stuff it’s not about Owning or anything it’s only about we are asking when it will release so… please understand the difference asking is different and Nagging is we are not like bro where is the v2 y are u not releasing

Yee man I getchu… we all get impatient sometimes especially when it’s in something we truly desire

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Dom talked about that topic