Please remove double tap to like

the byte team should remove the ability to double-tap to like videos because it allows users to upload annoying long videos telling you to do stuff to try tricking you into liking their posts. If you can’t double-tap to like a post the benefits would be amazing. For a start, you won’t have people uploading long videos telling you to hold your breath while following them, etc and then saying double tap to lock in good luck it also would bring back the nostalgic vine feeling… Please take this into consideration… @dom

I appreciate that you’re against clout chasers or anything in that nature, but the thing is:

  1. Double tapping a vid to like makes life so much easier, especially to those that are either have big fingers or have very buggy phones.

  2. Stuff like that isn’t even that big of an issue rn, I know there’s users that would say “please help me get byte famous” but they’re not specifying someone to like or follow.


I really like double tap to like. I also haven’t seen those tricks on byte.