i deleted my account yesterday and now i want to register again with my same mail but it doesn’t let me i need help asap cause i want to get on the app again but it doesn’t let me create an account with my mail :(((

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like my question is can i make an account with the same mail of an account i deleted ?

??? pls someone respond

Try contacting Byte or a moderator they will help you out

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can you please send me their @

so i have to wait a day ?

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30 days so i can make an account again with the mail i deleted an account with omg whyyy ??

is this confirmed?

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ugh thanks i have to wait thirty days now :weary:

I assume you don’t need the @ no more

just make another gmail account, then log in via google, it should work

no thanks :heart:

i have social ocd so i like to use all my socials with one specific mail so ill wait the thirty days ugh so annoying