Please God no more lip syncing comedy

Not saying it’s terrible but I see someone just lip syncing on the apps I am on and calling it Comedy. I just hoping ■■■■■■ will be original comedies and it will not go the way of these other apps I am on. Young sexy and completely unfunny who are promoted comedians. Ok I’m done :joy:


I can agree on that :face_vomiting:


Dear God no little kids should bite their lips. It’s horror. I love Dom and what he is doing but if ■■■■■■ turns into trash and good stuff never gets seen and all I see shared by vine is people touching themselves, I will find you and it won’t be pretty :joy:

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I feel like the people who try to do this type of comedy will get called out for it and probably would be embarrassed to do it again

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What kind of app do you use? :joy:

the app that he posted is musically

Agreed. Lip Syncing videos are just plain cringey, always have been.

OH GODD plss hope it wont end up like Musically…but i have a small feeling it might…

It’s funny you say that I got popular on but they mostly ignore me now as I make original comedies :joy: I’m forming a super team for V2 of grown men who are comedians :joy:

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ooo wow i gotta dm u,

Hey, what’s up man! Didn’t know you were on here. It’s Joe Boyle. So you’re making a v2 team? is overrated tbh

I never donwload, is it good?

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if you like lipsyncing to songs you would like it but I personally likes it at the start however, became bored of it over a few months. Also, beware, there’s alot of cringeyness.

Ohh, thanks for the advice

Thought the app is for every type of content

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You have to admit did gain traction Gen Z… So there is a market for it

I mean… a lot of old vines got that type of content. It’s up to us to not let that stuff get popular :rofl:
maybe the kids won’t raid V2 but they bring hard cold cash so :man_shrugging: