Please don't turn this into another tiktok

please, byte is feeling like tiktok with all the videos, but now the updates are making it feel like tiktok. byte really felt unique and special compared to the other apps, and now it’s starting to lose that feeling with all the updates. i get that the majority wants this, but it’s not what the app was designed to be. thank you for reading, and i hope you guys take this into account.
edit: not really saying it’s like that yet, just to let the byte team know not to go down that route if you understand what i mean


I agree, but it’s most likely gonna turn out as a vine/tiktok amalgamation.


oh, it’s unfortunate to see what these kids are doing …


Adding sounds to the app was a huge mistake. I thought byte was trying to be more like vine and not turn into a knockoff tiktok where people just reuse the same sounds over and over again.


On Vine when you used the remix function, all you were really doing is using the audio of another vine. I think it will be pretty much the same. It’s not like they are adding lip syncing functions, at least, yet.


on tiktok people actually maintain a good level of creativity, at least in the alt community. right now a lot of us are using the same sounds anyway


with all the new categories (including /alt) it feels like it’s getting more organized


They won’t because the editing happens after recording.

I don’t know about you but when I am using vine as a kid, I really wish I can add sounds and had more editing options.

I really don’t think adding sounds gonna made the app like Tiktok anyway. It might be like Tiktok at first but soon it will be Byte itself.

Also I think adding sounds and more editing tools might actually get Byte a lot of user because some users are already using editing tool outside of the app already, even when the vine existed! And with all the channel the app has, they will be more variety of contents!


What these kids are doing is saving Byte’s ass. We’ll cope.


no :heart:

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Especially the conservative hype house because their fans have bullied a lot of people off tiktok

It’s unlikely that Byte is going to prevent Republicans from joining lol. Y’all need to cope.


I’m about as Democrat and progressive as they come. But blocking people for political views is kind of a death sentance for an app and paints the users as gate keepers.


The reason why I say that is because byte can be seen as tiktok but not as toxic rightnow it’s not as toxic at all but that can change. Politics make apps more toxic than they should be. Also most republicans are anti LGBTQ and most people on byte want it to be a safe space for people who are that and without the toxicity they normally get from tiktok


I don’t want this app to become another platform that constantly silences conservatives and only allows leftist users like many other platforms. I want to allow free speech, but within the terms of use. People need to grow up and learn how to accept political differences.


Hmm It’s a shame, I thought things would be pretty chill like in 2016 vine. Maybe I don’t remember it clearly.

I agree, there should there should just be a no politics rule for the whole app. Moderating it would be :grimacing:.

Is byte really the platform for discussing politics? We already have Twitter.


Yeah I remember Vine as being way more laid back/people just having fun and recording random stuff they found funny, I don’t remember seeing politics on there. Idk how all political content would be policed on byte though, it seems kind of hard


Political stuff will not be silenced or promoted by the app.
Byte hasn’t silenced anyone yet except if your “political beliefs” (eg. Homophobia, racism) are not stick to the guidelines.


Also I don’t really saw any app that silent only conservative or only liberal.

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