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hey everyone,
i dont post on here often but this is an important topic. I’m linking a facebook post which describes everything better than i can but a girl who was the year below me in school (she just left this summer, she’s only 18) has been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer of which there is no known cure for. Life expectancy from diagnosed is short and she made a video on her ig (@rach6944 for those who would like to watch) where she mentioned its usually 6months - 18months which is horrible for an 18yr old. They are currently fundraising to go to America (we live in northern ireland) for trials of a drug which is very promising and could prolong her life and hopefully she could follow her dream and go to uni then. please do donate if you can, they are currently at 30K and need 100K. i wanted to share this here as i know the Byte community is a strong one and it would be great if we can give our support and help out if you are able too <3

a friend’s facebook post about it ->

GoFundMe page ->


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