Please Be Careful With Your Likes

So this isn’t to accuse anyone of liking videos before they’ve really watched them, maybe they have. But I have noticed a few people that consistently have liked bytes with very few likes <10 probably because they go to the latest tab a good bit. There is nothing wrong with going to the latest tab to watch a bunch of smaller people and support them, that’s great. But there have been videos of people saying pretty controversial and at times very inappropriate things in their bytes and when you like those it implies you also agree with the opinions they’ve expressed in the byte. Now, maybe you do, but given it’s happened several times where I’ve seen a byte that was offensive or controversial or inappropriate, checked the likes and its often the same few, that makes me think maybe people aren’t always watching the full video before they like it. While it’s great to support smaller people with content you like, it is not great to blindly support people saying some horrible things. And maybe you didn’t intend to like those bytes, but just letting you know so you can be more careful. Because people can see who like bytes and it doesn’t look great sometimes.


Not only this but the same accounts also show up liking things that should instead be reported, like porn. It’s pretty easy to tell what users are just liking everything on the latest tab to get some likes back.

I don’t know who if they think people don’t notice? Like, these kind of tricks to improve your own engagement have existed for a while, we’ve seen them on instagram.


Yeah it’s pretty unfortunate to see the people who have liked content that is clearly against the community guidelines. Either means they actually liked it or just scrolled and liked fast and neither are good.


And I want to say this isn’t just like people giving their hot takes on controversial things like feminism or abortion or people with disabilities (not that they should be controversial), though many are. I’ve also seen a byte with a pedophile joke where the same thing has happened and maybe if you have a dark sense of humor you can try to excuse why you liked it, but it’s gross imo. So if people could stop liking pedophile jokes on this app too, that’d be nice.


i might be guilty of liking stuff quickly. i just want to encourage people to participate. call me crazy, but i like to assume positive intent. either way its a fair point.


There’s plenty of places on the internet for people to say mean stuff about people they don’t like. Let’s keep Byte a supportive place. No ones looking to be the PC police—let’s just not perpetuate toxicity by supporting hateful bytes.


I mean, there’s positive intent to a point, but if the entire video is a clearly erect unclothed penis, it’s obvious from the first that it shouldn’t be about.

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ok well yeah. i meant more of the finely nuanced bytes. example:

it could be considered offensive.

im willing to wager that the ‘people’ liking stuff like that are either not real. ill keep my eye out.

Edit: to be very clear here. i do not find the byte above offensive. i think its hilarious. i do believe that this is the type of byte people may find offensive and was trying to demonstrate that we should assume positive intent: this person is telling a joke involving a blind person, not making fun of a blind person. i was trying to bring an example into the discussion instead of vague accusations.

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I sometimes like things a little quickly too. Good reminder to stick around and make sure nothing else pops up last second.


one more quick point to people hanging out in the latest tab: i honestly dont like to see the same byte every five bytes due to mass rebyting. thats why id rather hang out in latest.


I definitely like things too quickly, and will make a conscious effort to not do that going forward. I also try to give the benefit of the doubt, and thus have definitely liked things that other people do not like because it did not personally offend me. Either way, I know that it is not about ME being offended; I am willing to edit the way I go about liking things for the sake of other people on the app and community at large.

To that end, I think for the sake of “making byte a supportive place,” I would personally appreciate being notified of liking something that offended someone privately. In such a case, I would just remove the like and go about my day. Most of us have handles to other accounts in our bios, so it wouldn’t exactly be difficult.

I am in NO WAY saying that people do not have the right to call someone out publicly, because you do. I am just saying that, personally, I will be more responsive to someone privately explaining to me what I did wrong, so I can go back, watch, correct it, and move forward, rather than vilify me publicly to make a point. I just think that if the point is creating a supportive environment, then this is a much more effective and mature approach.


I hang out in latest a lot. But I only like things I consider funny/creative


This is a little over dramatic, head hunting people for ‘liking too much’ and ‘hanging out in latest’. Yes I see the point of liking the wrong things, but seriously that would be a small percentage. We do not need to start villinising people for putting in the engagement effort… Also i can say from my genuine exprience that liking many random vids in latest does not help get likes in return. It really only helps when leaving supportive comments. And let’s not forget that the app is currently at an all time low as far engagement is concerned, so discouraging less supportive likes on latest could be more harmful to the app than the occasional dumb vid. Misinterpreting making an effort to support latest byters as Clout Chasing is really LAME. The negativity against latest likers and ‘campers’ is just that, Negativity. So i say Like everything and F in chat


@electronicant78 thank you for saying :pray:

One day, we are complaining about low engagements and not enough people joining.

Next day, too much liking that is creating false engagements and making people feel too welcome.

I’m not saying one is right or is wrong - I’m saying is we stress over stuff for no good reason - if someone likes ur content and u don’t want them to, there’s a block button.

I’m all for giving love :gift_heart::blush:


@HenryAndEmma y’all, what spurred this discussion was specifically people liking offensive content, which also alienates people who see a like as an endorsement of sorts.
If the entire punchline is “women = kitchen”, and somebody only watches the first second and likes the video, two things have happened. A)the person who posted that video is rewarded for bad, unoriginal unfunny content that just lame over all and b)somebody else might see your like as an endorsement of that joke, and feel slightly less safe with their existence on this app as a result.


I know what the discussions intention was, but it comes across as a little overbearing, ‘Stop liking before you watch’… my reaction is to say “like everything” let’s get this party started… in general most people are making good intention vids. It’s not a bad thing to want to support everyone 1st ask questions later… the problem with this thread is it is blaming people that like content when clearly the problem is with the few poor taste vids… not the people liking it


This is a bad take.
Like things that you find funny. Like things you enjoy. Sure.
Hell, I hang out in the latest tab a lot. I ensure I watch and consider each video. I comment when I can, and I follow those whose content I enjoy, or who I think have a potential.
Something being offensive and mean spirited is miles different to the punchline or the timing being off, the pitch a little flat or the editing poor. You shouldn’t “like first and ask questions later” when the content is derogatory, especially as the majority of deeply offensive content I’ve seen in latest has been from grown ass adults. Hell, if it’s a kid, it’s better to gently comment and tell them that it’s not cool or acceptable. An empty like will just reenforce poor behavior.
You’re not doing anybody a favour by disingenuously liking without actually viewing/engaging with their content.


Yeah it’s threads like this that are alienating people that like to and put effort into engaging. If you knew me you would know I’m not not disingenuous. This thread makes people feel uncomfortable that they are doing BYTE wrong. We don’t need to start head hunting and implying wrong doings for liking content… and actually the inappropriate content is at an all time minimum right now…


Yeah, it’s women who are requesting that people don’t encourage sexist content that are the problem. Thanks for setting me straight on that one.
I didn’t call you disingenuous. I said the action was disingenuous. Tell me, how can you authentically enjoy something you haven’t watched?


I watch everything. And I never said anything about women… I’d suggest if you want an actual discussion you can DM me anytime. Let’s keep the forum supportive and uplifting and not a nanny state thanks :+1::blush: