Please back the square video format 🤝

I think that the bytes development team should definitely make a return of 1:1 square videos, for sure, I think it would improve the app and make it slightly more nostalgic and lovable. The fullscreen video like most short video sharing apps have taken up too much room and make the feed look more crowded and quickly put together IMO. buttons icons and comments should appear under the video. Too many apps have taken up the same layout it just looks bad and ugly now. A good reason why this would also be good is that buttons and icons won’t be crowding the video. It is just an awful idea to overlay ugly icons over the video itself. The caption should also go underneath as some people don’t consider the caption overlaying the video and put text at the bottom of their video and then you can’t even read it clearly. Just please consider this. reply with your thoughts :point_down: like the topic too if you agree to get it noticed :+1:


Problem here is Byte went for the nostalgic vibe at release and once the initial dose of nostalgia ran out people left :confused: people don’t ACTUALLY want Vine back they just want Vines atmosphere back of short form videos for spit fire type entertainment (which a lot of people find on TikTok now) our best course of action at this point (IMO) is just keep creating vids we would want to watch as the team keeps improving the app as we hopefully soon reach version 1.0!

Remember Byte isn’t Vine, Byte is Byte


Also to add on to what @Acadrienwas talking about, see you have phones now with face ID and fancier screens and you kind of need to take advantage of all that space or it’s gonna wind up looking dumb and silly. Apps like Vine, Instagram, etc used the 1:1 format to fit the older phones with borders on them that had touch id, etc.


To be fair, Instagram still looks great :3

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a lot of phones have long screens and there would be a shit ton of wasted space


Hard pass. I felt weird the first couple times I made a video outside 1:1 and I would never want to go back.


True! I don’t think Instagram really needs an update tbh because it’s just a classic and just works somehow lol! :joy:

as @colinkiama said I think something like that would be great

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Yeaaah hard pass too


With the phone industry moving away from thick bezels to a more bezel-less display type and with almost every single major release being a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, in my opinion, the 1:1 aspect ratio is going to look very archaic.

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Unless they put it in some sort of feed similar to Instagram and Twitters.

Unless it is displayed in a feed like twitters.

but instagram is photos and twitter is a social network based on microblogging, not an app about short videos

what do you think vine did?

vine is 7 years old + nobody tells you to record in anything other than square format, it’s just a waste of space, not only on the screen but on video too because on 9:16 you will show 2 times more content than 1:1