Please assist me in my stupidity

So here is what happened my username on the forums used to be justinjackson right I have a backup forum account named justinjackson2 I signed up for the beta with my main account justinjackson which is now justinnovoa SO MY BACKUP ACCOUNT justinjackson2 RECIEVED A BETA INVITE even though I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR BETA WITH THAT FORUM ACCOUNT i’m assuming the invite was meant to be sent to my main account but the confusion must have came about after my username was changed and my backup account is EXTREMELY SIMILAR TO MY OLD ACCOUNT NAME I am sowy please help me staff ;-;


Mm that’s interesting. I would just keep checking both email accounts you signed up with. This makes me concerned for my account as well. This account is “Jaquita” with the name listed as Jakeandsunshine… But I also made an account in April last year with the username “Jakeandsunshine” and the name listed as Jaquita. Basically flip flopped because I wasn’t sure what my username on byte would be. Hopefully if one of these accounts gets chosen for beta there won’t be a mixup.

Maybe delete your extra accounts and then talk to Cami to get your emails sorted out

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Im hoping so

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@cami_p - I do believe this topic calls for staff review.


Imagine not signing up for beta and still getting an invite :confounded:


I feel you man I signed up and they sent my invite to you :disappointed:


this mans talking to himself


hahahhaha, imagine signing up and not getting the beta :sneezing_face:

I thought I felt you but cant relate :partying_face: