Please add a notification for comment likes

I’m hoping there will be a notification when a comment is liked when this feature is released publicly because it kind of defeats the purpose if the person whose comment is liked doesn’t even know about it. Thanks!


Maybe just the creator like though yeah? That could get out of hand haha

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No, all likes. I’m sure if someone leaves a comment that other people like, they’d like to know that with a notification. But also, notifications need a little overhaul. If a comment someone leaves gets lots of likes in a short time, the notifications can be grouped like this…

Coochiecooch and 4 others liked your comment…

Or something like that. Every other app that allows comments has this option.


I like the idea of earning 10 likes before you get a notification. If it updates me whenever I someone likes my content I feel like that would stop me from commenting as much. Unless they figured out how to separate the “like” notifications on comments.


agreed! +1

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Although if the comment doesn’t get 10 likes you’ll never know anyone liked it. I think the notifications can be delayed for a bit, so if you get 10 likes in 30 seconds, they’ll be grouped, but if you get 1 like in 30 seconds you’ll still get a notification.

If this became a feature I’m sure it would be up to you to include in your notifications anyway like everything else so yeah, great idea.