Platforms/Sharing options

Soooooo…this may be a stretch but i hope that we can share our bytes to multiple locations rather than just 1 or 2 apps.On vine we were able to share our vines to Facebook an Twitter but i hope with byte we can go beyond that an share to Ig,Twitter,Snapchat,Facebook,Tumblr etc.Another thing that ive been thinking about is What is the availability of byte are we gonna only be able to only use byte on the byte app??? Or will we be able to have a brand new polished pc site for byte and an app for consoles an handheld devices like Nintendo switch,xbox one,ps4? :pray:t5:


I definitely could see Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Tumblr, and/or Reddit. And I’m guessing they will allow you to view stuff on the desktop. But I doubt they will have apps for video game consoles, at least anytime soon. :confused:

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