Plans for your posts

I’m just here to ask what kind some of stuff I’ll be seeing from some of you people. I feel like I’ll mainly post comedy stuff. I wont be doing edits or songs. I would like to know if anyone is doing edits cause they always make me happy :smiley:. I’m looking forward to v2, who’s with me!

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I’ll post comedy Vs. But have nothing planned yet, maybe when we’re closer I’ll plan something.

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Are you on Instagram? I’ll be posting comedy on V2 also.

:instagram: chacin_jose23

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Yass I’ll be posting comedy as well!

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I have a few ideas planned but did not film yet

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Comedy fa sho and short cinematic edits

I think ill leave it for when it’s out. Based on what dom has been posting (new filters, gifs etc.) it’s looks like its gonna be more than just the usual 6s . Pretty excited though!

maybe a mix in music/comedy. really hope v2 can help me kick off my career in music

I’m a comedian so I’m hoping to be posting comedy, I’m a bit of a goofball creative so I’ve always aimed to make those around me laugh

Comedy and maybe the occasional saxophone cover :smirk:

Comedy of course. I’ve got a whole book full of ideas! :smiley: