Planned Reposting

We all remember that in Vine, (big) Viners would sometimes repost their own Vines for some reason (like saying: this is my fav. vine i did this month or so) Now how about this: there could be a function, where you can „repost“ (or more like „re-show“) one of your vines. You wouldnt really post it again, it would just pop up to your „subscribers“ like a new vine with maybe a sign saying its a repost. This ofc should be very limited to prevent viners from just „re-showing“ their vines all the time. Idk how do you feel about this?

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Revining? Yes this should be limited. Check this Will there be a revine button?

Well It kinda did bug me
I think they did it because they had no ideas at that time :smirk:

There definitely should be like a thing, so that people realize that it isn’t new, then make more views :wink:

@Sensai Same lol. But on the other hand it was nice when you somehow didnt see or missed that vine

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