Placeholder App/STOP THE FAKES!

Seeing as there are so many fake v2 apps being made, @dom, have you considered having an official v2 app exist right now without the features. When handing out the beta you could just allow those certain few to update the app (as that’s how it works for Android and I assume apple is similar). It would save people from the risk of falling for the fakes, and you could even leave a cute countdown or something like that? The best example of this being done before was Beme Panels before it shut down, you could download the app, but you couldn’t access it until they whitelisted you.

Anyone else think this would be a good way to counter the fakes? Would you like a fun countdown? Any other suggestions? Lemme hear your thoughts people!


The best way to beat these fake apps is the have a far superior polished app to start with. “If you build it they will come”

Just download these fake apps and you will see just how rushed they are.

Undoubtedly the finished app is going to be far better, but I’m talking about between now and it’s release. I had a lengthy conversation with someone in DM where I was explaining that the official app was not released, but they were convinced that because the fake ones existed, they were in fact the official ones. Admittedly, not everyone is going to be that gullible, but I really think just having something that people can download and know is the official app would be better than leaving many people thinking that one app is v2 when it’s not. It could literally just redirect to the forum or show a live feed of the twitter account.

I like that idea, even though it will be limited at first, it can develop into something far better than those fake apps & be more productive.

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I think they’re going to verify the app when it comes out