Pitch Yourself to Us | The community

A ton of people makes great content on other platforms while also being on byte. If you have you have a podcast or YouTube or even want to promote your Byte channel post it here.

Just pitch it to your channel or whatever to your community.

State it in this format:

  1. My name is _____
  2. I make content around _____
  3. I’ve been doing it for X years/days/etc
  4. You can find my content at _____
  5. Post a picture or link to that content.

No spam, just good vibes, make friends.

And if you critique someone make sure it’s in this format:
• _____ is really strong and adds ____
•______ is making _____ weak and adding ____ can make it better.
Critques never use the words, like and dislike.

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This is such a positive vibe post, I love it
My name is Bree Dagdagan (@dagdragon), and I make content around art. I’ve been a painter and scenic designer for a few years, but as of late I’ve been getting a lot more into digital art because of quarantine. You can find my content at my new art instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dagdragonart/ . If anyone has any tips/ suggestions/ requests, I’m super open to it :blush: (I’m a Procreate baby, pls teach me your ways if you use the app)

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Hey there,
My name is Tey I make content surrounding jokes, animation, and tutorials. Off of byte, I do so much more! I’ve been making content for at least 6 years starting on YouTube. On Instagram I do photography, on YouTube I make story filled animation, on Tik Tok I make funny videos, and on byte, I make tutorials and more.

Hopefully, you guys like it. You can find my work if you search @ Courage Media Group on IG and YT or @thededicatedartist on TT, IG, or BT.

Thanks a ton.

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On your Insta, do you use the different colored frames to separate your different projects? I haven’t seen that before, it’s clever

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Thanks recently that’s what I’ve been doing. It helps with aesthetic.