Pinned V*** Feature

I was thinking about the idea of having a “pinned” vine on your profile to maybe show off your funniest vine, or a 6 second introduction. Kind of like Twitter has it’s pinned tweet feature.

Could be pretty cool in my opinion. What do you guys think? :thinking:


that’s great idea i think that could attract many viewers


That would be cool, like a channel trailer of what you do


I like it, pretty cool idea.

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I like that idea

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Yea I think that could be cool. Pin one that was that most popular or one that you think needs more attention


Sounds good to me, it’s worked good for Twitter, YouTube, etc

I like this option a lot on twitter. Nice suggestion.

an introduction would be perfect!!


I have a feeling dom is going to make your profile a lot like a channel with a lot of customizations, so its definitley possible! I like it

That does sound really cool! I would love to have this!

Hummm :thinking: I like it

This is cool. Backing this idea. Everyone could se rumour best vines and check if they wanna it arch you or not

Tbh, that’s a Good idea ! I love it.

Good way to make your most recent videos viewed

THAT would be really dope

That’s an astounding idea. :clap:

Great Idea! I see this one one the app

I think that can be a benefit. Pin a video you think most people will like to grab their attention.

@dom please add this

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