Pineapple pizza!? yay or nay

What do you think, like want to try it! Should I?? :heart::heart::heart:


pineapples are gross tbh lol

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Sure, I’d have it with chicken though. And pineapple is quiet sweet so idk if you’d find it nice on pizza.

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Pineapple on pizza is bae. Try it.


oops lol i thought i said “pineapple pizzas are gross tbh lol”

No way…

Nay, I only like cheese, pepperoni, or sausage on my pizza

I never had the courage to try it, many hate it and others like it. Is it good?

I’m gonna try it!! Wish me luck :joy: I’m low-key excited to be honest!!!

heck no!

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Yay all the way. Pineapple on pizza with ham is good (aka Hawaiian)

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Pineapple pizza is my child


Yay it’s amazing omg why don’t people like it

It’s really not as bad as people say, the sweetness works well with the pizza, but it is a little bit overpowering.

Lol I love pineapples on pizza, don’t judge me .-.

Everybody might hate me, but i think its ok, but…IT’S EVEN BETER WITH CANADIAN BACON, ON GOD BRO!

Pineapple and Canadian bacon is delicious, but probably not just pineapple and pizza…

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Yeah, your right, just pineapple stinks. Changed my post now. Thanks bro.

Don’t do it! Fruit has no business on pizza!

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Nay 100%

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